Insurance Premium Finance

Insurance Premium Finance

Unlock financial flexibility with Galaxy International Bank insurance premium finance at Galaxy International Bank, we understand that managing your business's finances is a balancing act. One aspect of financial management that can present challenges is paying annual or semi-annual insurance premiums in one lump sum. That's why we offer our corporate clients a seamless solution: Insurance Premium Finance.

Why Choose GIB’s Insurance Premium Finance?

  Cash Flow Management

Our premium finance services allow you to spread the cost of your insurance premiums over manageable installments, easing the strain on your working capital and preserving cash flow for other essential business needs.

  No Need for Upfront Payments

Say goodbye to the burden of large upfront premium payments. With our premium finance option, you can keep your cash working for you while maintaining the insurance coverage your business requires.

  Customized Solutions

We tailor our premium finance packages to fit your specific insurance needs. Whether you require coverage for property or other commercial policies, we've got you covered.


The plans are transparent to the company insured and Shariah Compliant.

To apply, visit any of our branches.