Car Finance

Car Finance

At GIB, we believe that owning your dream car should be an exciting and hassle-free experience. We will ensure that you will get the right financing solution at the best rate along with the best car Takaful to protect your car.

Features & Benefits of Car Finance

  Free financial planning and expert advice.

  Finance both new and used cars.

  Financing starts from USD 3000.

  Up to 36 months of repayment period for new cars and 24 months of repayment period for used cars.

  Simplified process and competitive financing rate.

  Shariah compliant.


  Maintain an active account with GIB.

  Down payment up to 20%.

  Access purchase invoice and proof of any payment made to a chequebook.

  For more than USD 10, 000 applicant brings Land or property as collateral.

  Satisfied guarantor for less than USD 10,000.